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About us

We are here for Chefs that want to deliver. We are Mise En Place, by Chefs for Chefs.

We are here for Chefs that want to deliver consistent high quality and push the boundaries in techniques, flavour, and diner experience.

Therefore, we created an online platform where you can find inspiration for your menu, help on challenging techniques and new recipes to try. We provide an inclusive community where passionate and like-minded Chefs can share their knowledge and expertise.

Mise en Place is a place for new ideas, learning, creativity and inspiration, a common recipe book and a place to interact with other Chefs and your staff. Just like you, we are constantly evolving, and so will our platform and community! So, expect new features, content and tools to be added on a regular basis!

So, if you are a professional Chef passionate about food, learning and connecting with your peers: join us now on our journey!