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Antoine van Loocke: an artisanal knife maker with a story

Knife forging

Antoine van Loocke is a Belgian artist from Melle with a huge passion for knives and natural materials. His interest in natural materials started at a young age and he has been collecting them ever since. However, he was well over forty when he found a purpose for his collection and decided to start making knives. The knives he created had one downside though: they couldn’t be used for cooking. So he changed his approach and decided to focus on making high quality kitchen knives with recycled waste.

Upcycling through barter

Natural materials destined to be thrown away are upcycled by Antoine and transformed into kitchen knives with a story. His aim is to minimize the impact of his work on the environment and give natural materials a new purpose. The materials are preferably obtained through barter with no money involved and can consist of almost anything from rotten wood, newspapers and coral to even bones. This philosophy turned out to be a success and his knives have been picked up by leading chefs such as Peter Goossens.


Antoine hand crafts his knives using both artisanal and innovative techniques in order to guarantee high quality and great functionality. His way of working is unique and young talents regularly visit him in his workshop to learn from him. As a true craftsman Antoine believes knowledge and passion should be transferred to the new generations in order to further perfect the work he set out to do. A conviction that brought him where he is today: in the kitchens and at the tables of the best chefs.