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Mingoo Kang

— Kang Min Goo

Head chef @ Mingles

Mingoo began traveling the world when he was still in school.  He completed internships in Florida and Spain with chefs such as Martin Berasategui, the famous three Michelin star from San Sebastian. Upon graduation, he flew to Florida and spent a year as junior sous chef at Nobu Miami. His talent was quickly recognized and he became the chef of Nobu Atlantis in Nassau (Bahamas), returning to Korea via Belgium 18 months later.

Back home Mingoo opened Mingles with limited resources in a basement in Gangnam an up and coming area of the modern Seoul.

As his resources increased he moved for the first time, enlarging his kitchen and dining room team in the process. His current restaurant opened on June 5, 2019, in a new location that he completely fitted out himself. Mingoo has earned two Michelin stars and is now 13th in the 50Best Asia – the first Korean chef in the famous list.

While the flavors of his cuisine are distinctly Korean; his signature is modern.

His inspiration came from his travels and a relentless search for the roots and ingredients of Korean cuisine. To give just one example, for more than a year he followed the teachings of the famous Netflix monk Jeong Kwan in her temple two hours from Seoul.

Among his iconic dishes are snow of raw foie gras accompanied by white Kimchi; and pasta with squid ink, accompanied by sea urchins (which is inspired by Italian cuisine). His signature desert is Jang trio, a crème brûlée based on three different fermentations: soy paste, soy sauce and gochugang.

Mingoo Kang vision of the traditional Bansang: the main course and rice are served with side dishes that offer a range of cooking, flavors and textures.



traditional Bansang

Black pasta sea urchin.

Raw foie gras and white kimchi.

Jang trio.