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The many respects of meat-maker De Laet

— Luc de Laet


Uncompromising quality

Luc de Laet is a butcher and owner of De Laet & Van Haver in the Flemish Hove. A company including two butchers, a restaurant and a meat wholesaler. His philosophy can easily be summarized. “Everything revolves around origin and craft.”

Luc De Laet opened the Butcher’s store a year ago at the De Coninck brewery. “It is a rough, raw open shop where we go back to the craft. We show how we cut the animals and make the meat products and charcuterie itself and in sight of the visitors. “


Sum of respect

The Butcher’s store stands for meat with a story. “Origin is important. We must respect meat. Not only for the product, but also for the life of the animals and the approach of the farmers. It is a combination of respects that coincide on the board. “


Craft and trust

Craft means nothing without the right raw materials. De Laet therefore invests in intensive relationships with the best suppliers. “We visit our suppliers personally, view slaughterhouses where they work carefully and arrange the best transport. But the beginning of everything is the farm. If it is right there, then that is the basis of all taste, the essence of quality. “



“It’s about the food they give their animals, the water, the grass, the way they are treated. Only in this way can we achieve perfection. If we start with a compromise, the end result is never what it could have been. “