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Mastering vegan cuisine

Andrea Waters is the head chef and owner of Redemption restaurant. Nowadays there is a growing demand for vegan food and alcohol free beverages. Therefore, Redemption only serves vegan food and alcohol free drinks. Andrea her goal is encourage people to eat more vegan and help the environment. In this training module you will find 6 videos, including 2 vegan recipes.

Introduction (1/6)

Mastering vegan cuisine, explained by Andrea Waters, head chef & owner at the Redemption Bar.

YouTube video


Equipment (2/6)

Particular equipment is needed in order to master vegan cuisine.

YouTube video


Ingredients (3/6)

These vegan ingredients will be used in the recipes further on.

YouTube video


Prep techniques (4/6)

How to prep for working with vegan cuisines, as explained by Andrea Waters.

YouTube video


Fusion kale salad (5/6)

Example 1: Fusion kale salad.

YouTube video


Jackfruit burger (6/6)

Example 2: Jackfruit burger.

YouTube video



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