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Working with siphons

Fred Duval is the head chef at the White Onion in Wimbledon. The restaurant opened two years ago and Fred has been the head chef ever since. Fred used to be a philosophy student but got bored and decided to work in a restaurant instead. In this training module you will find 4 videos concerning working with siphons.

Siphons basics: Introduction (1/4)

The basics of using siphons, told by Head Chef at The White Onion, Chef Fred Duval.

YouTube video


Siphons basics: Gazpacho (2/4)

Example of using siphons 1: Cucumber gazpacho

YouTube video


Siphons advanced: Introduction (3/4)

The use of siphons in advanced cooking, told by Head Chef at Launceston Place, Chef Ben Murphy.

YouTube video


Siphons advanced: Foie gras (4/4)

Examples of using siphons 2: Foie gras.

YouTube video



“For the cucumber soup for example How many servings can you make out of 1 syphon?”

“Hi Frits, The amount of portions is depending on the size of the portion, but overall you could say that preparing the soup with a siphon gives you at least 40 % more yield. If you normally serve 6 portions out of one liter, you can now can serve 8 to 9 portions. An extra tip is to add a bit Agar to the gazpacho so it will hold better and does not break down that fast. Kind regards, Mise en Place”

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